Channelling uncertainty into radical
new futures

Talking Uncertainty

Talking Uncertainty is EFC’s online talk series. We feature scholars, artists and practitioners who are collaborating on projects that speculate emergent futures in times of radical uncertainty. This series highlights how individuals and communities are staging, designing, performing and transforming futures.

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Focus Areas

New models of collaboration, intervention and activism

Grappling with the ethical and methodological dimensions of conducting research and making art

Mobilizing ideas and solidarities across disciplinary and geographical boundaries

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we also seek to understand how - and why - scholars, artists and practitioners are navigating their projects during a time of collective grief and unprecedented uncertainty.

Talking Uncertainty

An Elephant in the Room: Tracking an Awkward Anthropology

Poland & Canada

In her talk, Dr. Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston tracked the feeling of awk­wardness she experienced in an imaginative ethnography project conducted in collaboration with Randia, a Polish Romani woman. She discussed her attempt to re-envision anthropology as an engaged, collaborative and interventionist practice.

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Talking Uncertainty

The Murmuration of Birds: An Anishinaabe Ontology of Mnidoo-Worlding


What does a bird actually see when it is part of a large flock? During these times of radical uncertainty, continuing threats of colonialism, capitalism and climate genocide, Dr. Dolleen Manning discusses what can we learn from wading into subtle mnidoo regions to collaboratively imagine new futures and formations.

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